The Bahlai Lab is open for business!
We’re looking for enthusiastic, driven people to join us in beautiful, changeable and affordable Kent Ohio, near the Cleveland metropolitan area and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Graduate students: 

The Bahlai Lab at Kent State University Department of Biological Sciences seeks a new PhD or MS student to begin their Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program in Fall 2022. Prospective students should combine an interest in running field experiments, citizen science projects, data science and database management, programming, with a passion for being as interdisciplinary as all get out. A drive to make, whether it’s designing new tools for monitoring ecological parameters or developing software to process vast quantities of data, is essential. A commitment to participatory science and communication of your work to public and academic audiences is indispensable. Project details will be defined by your specific interests as they intersect with the research goals of our recently-funded NSF-CAREER project, which include developing new tools for understanding ecological trajectories and changepoints, and understanding information patterns in biodiversity science. A strong background in ecology, statistics, and/or computer science is recommended, as well as previous research experience. Insect and/or plant identification skills are an asset. 

Please see our Lab Guidelines on GitHub for further information on lab policies, culture, and expectations. Stipends are competitive and come with a full tuition waiver, and quality of life is pretty good here. Here’s the official program information for Kent State University’s Department of Biological Sciences. If you’re interested in my work and have ideas, drop me a line! Application deadlines are in December!

***  A FREE APPLICATION WEEK will be offered this fall that will BEGIN Friday, October 22 and END Monday, November 1. Applicants need to only submit the online application portion during this week to take advantage of the automatic fee waiver. You may return to your application portal at a later time to submit supporting documentation (e.g., goal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts).  ***

To inquire about this position or our program, please email Dr. Christie Bahlai at cbahlai@kent.edu

Postdocs:  I do not have funds for a postdoc at this time. If you’re interested in the Bahlai Lab for a postdoc, please contact me and we can explore potential funding sources.

Prospective collaborators: Let’s work together! Track me down on twitter, on github, or by email. cbahlai at kent dot edu.