The Bahlai Lab is open for collaboration and we’re always looking for enthusiastic, driven people to join us in beautiful, changeable and affordable Kent Ohio, near the Cleveland metropolitan area and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

Graduate students: Graduate assistanceships are available for the 2023 fall intake of MS and PhD students. if you’re interested in joining my lab, please first review my message to prospective students, then send me an email explaining your research interests and goals and a CV.

Postdocs: ALL OUR RESEARCH STAFF SUDDENLY GOT GREAT PERMANENT JOBS! We are currently searching for a postdoc! The formal posting is coming soon, but of course I tweeted about it.

Prospective collaborators: Let’s work together! Track me down on twitter, on github, or by email. cbahlai at kent dot edu.

Please see our Lab Guidelines on GitHub for further information on lab policies, culture, and expectations. Stipends are competitive and come with a full tuition waiver, and quality of life is pretty good here. Here’s the official program information for Kent State University’s Department of Biological Sciences.