Welcome to the Bahlai Lab at Kent State University!

We focus on developing tools and metrics for better understanding the functional ecology of communities over time. We combine computational approaches and collaborations with field ecologists to solve the problems we face in managing working ecosystems, invasive species, and restored landscapes. We’re interested in questions of scale- specifically, understanding long-term and broad spatial scale processes in ecosystems- and linking biodiversity metrics to ecosystem function at these scales.

We’re also interested in data science, data management, and making science a better, more collaborative place with technology and the open web.

Our two major areas of research are currently:
1) Studying the responses of insect communities in response to disturbance, such as invasions and climate change
2) Developing break-point analysis tools to better quantify the impacts of change in long term ecological observations.

To take a look at our active projects, check out our lab GitHub.

ento-foxWhat’s with the foxes? That’s Research Fox, dressed up and ready to do some ecology! The image was a gift to Dr. Bahlai upon the completion of her Mozilla fellowship. Research Fox hangs out on this page to remind us to approach our science with the open, inclusive, and reproducible ┬áprinciples in mind- we do better science together!