Congratulations Christian!!

Many congratulations to our PhD candidate Christian Bullion for successfully defending her PhD prospectus Factors Contributing to the Reliability of Data in Odonata in Citizen Science! Christian has been doing some truly interesting work comparing citizen science records of Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) against museum records for known populations and is uncovering some very compelling trends indeed. Way to go Christian!!

Congratulations Katie and Christian!

Christian and KatieTwo of our intrepid PhD students, Katie Manning and Christian Bullion, have both won The Graduate Student Senate Research Award! The awarded funding will help them each to further their research projects in 2020. As awardees, both Katie and Christian will present research posters at the 35th Annual Graduate Research Symposium in March 2021. Way to go team!

Congratulations Erin!


Our undergraduate research assistant Erin White has been elected President of the Biology Club! Erin is very passionate about her student career in Biological Sciences and has many big plans in store for her tenure as President. Good luck Erin and congratulations on your win!!

Congratulations Cheyan!

Cheyan_TA Award

Our PhD student Cheyan Pace has won the award for Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant in Biological Sciences!! Cheyan spent the last two semesters teaching Biological Diversity and Biological Foundations Labs and doing a fantastic job! She really enjoys teaching her students and works very hard to make sure they’re getting the most out of the labs she teaches, so it’s wonderful to see her receive this much deserved recognition of her efforts. Congratulations Cheyan!

Congratulations Christian!

Christian Bullion took home the award for her poster Using Crowdsourced Data to Analyze Patterns in Odonate Phenology at this year’s Graduate Student Symposium in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology category! Part of Christian’s PhD work will focus on understanding citizen science participation in Odonate monitoring and reporting, as well as field work involving ground-truthing reported Odonate findings from Ohio south to Virginia.